Health Benefits of BioMagnetic Therapy

The use of magnets and magnetic therapies have been used for healing for centuries throughout the world. In fact,  Hippocrates, widely considered as, the father of modern medicine, talked about magnets being used in his healing practices.  Today, healing properties of magnets are well-recognized in the medical field. Often being used to help patients heal from all sorts of chronic health conditions.

Now even though not yet fully accepted in the US for their value and medicinal benefits, Magnets are widely used in healing therapies throughout Europe and the middle east.

Even though the United States does make use of magnets in complex medical imaging procedures to better understand the human body.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for instance, uses magnetic fields to formulate 3-D images of the brain.

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How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?:

Each cell in the human body has it’s own negative charge on the outside and a positive charge on the inside.  This allows for electrical signaling to move throughout the body very quickly and effectively.  When a region of the body is injured or inflamed it causes a lack of blood flow.  This reduces oxygen and nutrients into the region which causes a lack of polarity and disrupts the natural electrical currents in the body.

Magnets work by improving circulation to the damaged region and improving the injured cell’s polarity.  Magnet energy is considered a catalyst which speeds up biological processes and enables the body to reduce inflammation and heal itself.  Magnets also speed up circulation improve oxygen and nutrient absorption into the targeted cells.  They also help improve the efficiency of waste removal from these targeted cells.

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