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Enigmatic Healing, LLC
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byRobin onEnigmatic Healing, LLC
Life Changing

I was introduced to bio magnetic pair therapy at the urging of a holistic nutritionist. I had severe daily fatigue, brain fog, unexplained pains, late afternoon lethargy, however after my first session I felt like a new person. It took about three days to experience the full benefit, and I can't explain the clairity I felt. Also, I have suffered kidney infections due to a congentital defect. The defect was corrected when I was a child, but I have had issues with chronic kidney infections after. There was no reason for the multiple infections, and I dealt with them as I had for years. Tim was able to identify the bacteria which was causing the infections. I have never felt better and been so excited to receive healing versus just treating symptoms. I do believe in western medicine, but biomagentic pair therapy is just another form of healing I have had great success with. I am more than pleased with the results and how I feel.

byAubrey O. onEnigmatic Healing, LLC
Worth it!

Since 2014 I've had a skin condition on my hands which caused dryness and open cracks that itched and burned. I scratched them raw, and they would swell, not allowing me to use lotions or wear my wedding ring. In 2017 I went to a dermatologist leaving with a topical cream and told I had eczema. The cream worked, but as soon as the cream was gone, the symptoms came back, but worse. I discovered Engimatic Healing in 2020, and I saw major results within three days. The magnets were able to eliminate a fungus which caused the inflammation and itchy, dry skin. I also suffered from painful ovulation and debilitating menstral cramps. Once more I was worked on, and was relieved of the severe pains I've had since I began my cycle years ago. Definitely love what the magnets have done for my issues.

byDominique F. onEnigmatic Healing, LLC
Healing relief

Suffering from headaches and always feeling tired I was referred to Enigmatic Healing by a family friend, and I thank them every day. The care and consideration Tim gives is amazing. He is extremely compassionate and caring and really wants to help. Thru the session(s) you are made to feel comfortable and relaxed all while healing and energizing.  Everything is explained upfront, as he works and makes sure he answers all your questions. Since I have been going I have more energy little to no headaches and less anxiety. The best part is that I get to continue to come back each month and take a moment for me to heal and relax.