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The Healing Touch

Timothy D. Mederos, founded Enigmatic Healing LLC featuring biomagnetic therapy treatment, after years employed as an EMT here in the Tampa bay area. As you can imagine, an EMT sees people from all walks of life, suffering from an endless amount of illness and injuries. Some, easier to diagnose and treat than others! Tim, motivated by a genuine interest for helping people, including his own loved ones, experiencing their own complicated ailments, now specializes in the natural and holistic benefits of using magnetic pair treatments. A single session ranges about an hour, and is ultimately decided upon, by your own body’s immune system. As the magnetic pair does it’s work, enjoy pharmaceutical free healing in our calm and relaxing atmosphere here at Enigmatic Healing LLC.

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Case Studies: Biomagnetism

biomagnetic therapy tampa florida

Health Benefits of BioMagnetic Therapy

The use of magnets and magnetic therapies have been used for healing for centuries throughout the world. In fact,  Hippocrates, widely considered as, the father of modern medicine, talked about magnets …